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Whether you’ve tried paid ads on search platforms or not, the key is gaining conversions The way we do that here at Infinity 8 is simple! We use specific data, highly targeted interests and split testing strategies just to name a few. With these strategies in place we implement a very aggressive paid search plan that brings you that ROI that all companies are in search of!


At infinity 8, we employ only the best and highly trained/skilled professionals in the industry! We work directly with our content creators and SEO developers to win for click-through rates for searches that actually matter to your business. These professionals probably already know your business ins and outs and position your business in a way that serves your potential clients right when they are ready to buy and need you the most! At the end of the day, we bring highly qualified leads that are likely to buy and are ready to speak with you directly! Let us take your brand to the next level, here at Infinity 8 that is truly our main goal.

The Result You Can Expect

Twice as likely to execute decisions as intended

Three times more likely to have 10%+ year-over-year revenue growth

Four times more likely to make decisions much faster

Why Us?

  • Deep dive. Before we create your highly successful paid search strategy we get down to the nitty-gritty. First, we ask the appropriate questions to figure out your businesses strengths and weaknesses. We discuss what your perfect client currently is and break down all interests they have. We do this to provide information to the platforms we will leverage to get your message across to the masses, and more importantly to the ones that are ready to buy now! We also implement opportunities that are left on the table by your competitors to have you shine and lead the pack!
  • Development. Our primary goal here is to segment your ad spend per month and to strategize a plan that not only has you winning but brings you an ROI as fast as possible. We measure against all analytics and provide weekly updates on your ad spend vs sales and profitability. At the end of the day, we want to lower your acquisition cost while delivering the best your company has to offer!
  • Implementation. Creating your ads is the fun part! While using data given from your current customer acquisitions we use our own data that is known to bring high ROIs and the right traffic to your company. Your target customers are unique, and we know proper ad placement and the proper copy will win the hearts of those you are currently not selling to and keep the ones that are coming back for more! While this is all converting to your benefit we will further search to see if there are new opportunities for better data and lower acquisitions.


At Infinity 8, we can align your ads and sales funnels to be fully automated and integrated. Imagine an ad that not only gets in front of your perfect customer but also follows them whether they go to another platform or even just to check their email. Remember we have to always be on their minds, especially if they didn’t buy the first time they saw your ad. We call this “the party never stops” and at Infinity 8 we are here to celebrate your success! Your ads can have automated email campaigns built in and text campaigns, as well as scheduling, call for potential customers that want to talk asap! You can’t go wrong with this process and we make sure it’s perfectly tailored for you.


We do not operate on contracts and we find those that do are not what you need! We are so confident in our abilities to help you succeed we do not need to lock you into long term contracts that only constrict your ability to be flexible with us. We will make sure we are fully aligned with you and your company to bring out the magic that you need to scale and grow!

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Brendan Ogeto
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