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Search engines are being used by a large percentage of the population. You can drive traffic to your website by ranking on page 1 of the search engines. Target specific keywords that are being used by people to find products or services you offer. At Infinity 8, we will even do the keyword research for you to identify which keywords you should be using to reach the largest group of people.

SEO consists of several important aspects:

  • Keyword research
  • Website architecture
  • Link building and backlinks
  • Website analytics

Our website experts are able to determine what you need to do in order to rank on page one of the search engines. Remember that you will be competing with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses to target keywords. This is why it’s so important to target the right keywords. When you get more specific on the keywords, you can eliminate some of your competition.

Website architecture can also be used to ensure the internet spiders can find your website and find all the pertinent information. When you have more content organized, the spiders will be able to find out about the content you’re offering. Site maps must be created properly, otherwise, the internet search engines won’t know about your existence.

Link building has two roles. One, it will help with the organization of your site. Two, it will establish more links out on the internet back to your website. Both of these will lead to being ranked higher in the search engines.

Web analytics will also provide you with the research necessary to figure out where you need to go. You can find out what your current ranking is. We will then provide you with weekly reports to show you how your ranking is regularly improving based on the strategies we have put into place.

When someone types in keywords that have to do with your products or services, you need to show up on the first page of results. If you aren’t showing up there, you aren’t being seen. Most people aren’t going to bother looking at page two, three or any further back. If you can’t be seen in the search engines, it may be hard for you to drive enough traffic to your website to be successful. It’s still possible, but you will spend more money on online marketing.

Forget about trying to do it all on your own. There are a lot of components involved in SEO. The search engines are constantly changing their formulas. Rather than doing the research on your own, we have staff members who are solely responsible for finding out what criteria the search engines use to rank websites. With our expertise, you can improve your ranking quickly.

Visibility is a key part of driving traffic to your site. If you’re invisible, it means that consumers are finding other companies to do business with.

Don’t give consumers a reason to choose the competition over you – contact us at Infinity 8 today!

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