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Film and Video Production Service

In today’s world, in order to get your message across to others, it is through storytelling! There is no better way then to have your very own video authenticating your story. Our target goal while working with you is to collaborate and identify all your ideas and bring your vision to life and grow your business! Right now as you read this your perfect potential customers are watching videos online, looking for solutions, services, they are searching for products! Not just any video will cut it nowadays though. Today’s time-strapped customers don’t have time to figure out what is what and they are searching for something special, a special video that we can provide you with to cut through the clutter, and more importantly, to connect on a deeper level! It’s time to get your story out for the world to see and take action on, with that being said we have over 6 years of experience in film and video production and our production team is the best at what they do. From idea to concept to production, we will partner with you to bring your vision to heights you only imagined up until now.

We know and love storytelling. Our background in film production is our edge and a true inspiration in storytelling. We can produce instructional/explainer videos, documentaries and narrative, events and social outreach/campaigns, Branding/Advertising, Product, and testimonials as well!

We provide videos for web, social media, presentations, and live events etc.

Video Services

Video Production

From concept to our delivery, we help you create amazing, effective and engaging videos. In the past and present we work with ad firms, small to large corporations and businesses, marketing agencies, out of town clients looking for dependable and reliable camera crews with professional production facilities.

Aerial Videography

DRONES! They are here and they are awesome! They not only can reach locations and areas we wouldn’t be able to other wise, they bring that very high definition quality video from a birds eye view. UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) allow us to reach shots you only dreamt about. We have several experienced drone pilots to help you navigate the legal, safely and liability issues inherent in this new technology.

Video Editing

A great editor can bring your project to life, an even better editor can follow your vision with precise calculation and bring you the high quality video you need and want. Our professional editors communicate greatly; they are ready to get your message across loud and clear! We use proprietary software and techniques to bring you the best video possible in the quickest turn around time as possible.

We provide video services for the following

  • Weddings
  • Social Events/Outreach
  • Television
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Crowdfunding
  • Business Owners


Our costs are very competitive. We will work with you based on your budget and your vision.


We understand in the new age of how video marketing is created, we had to segregate ourselves and not only be unique but be the best by having the highest quality of equipment and expertise to not only deliver what we say but to over deliver is always how we do business! By choosing our team you are guaranteed to have the best video out there for you and your company. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

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