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The clock starts now – you have five seconds to make an impression on your site visitors. What happens if you fail to make a good impression? They move onto the next website, waiting to have their socks knocked off. The one who knocks their socks off first gets their business. If you are lacking in web design and development, you may be handing your competition new business.

Understand why so many websites fail

There are many websites who fail to identify their target audience and a sales strategy. If you don’t know what your average site visitor is looking for, you won’t be able to address any of their needs. This means that you will fail.

At Infinity 8, we don’t want you to fail. As a result, we will help you build trust with your target demographic within the confines of your website. When you have a professional looking website with real images, you can start to build trust with site visitors. This will more than likely turn them into customers. If you can’t be seen as reputable, you won’t be able to succeed in the marketplace.

Understand some of the common shortcomings.

There are a lot of shortcuts out there. You may have used an automated site builder for your website or you may have hired a professional. Regardless of how you created your website, you likely are experiencing some of these shortcomings in the development of your website. This may also be causing problems with trust, with visibility and even with people being able to view your site once they find you.

When we develop a website for any of our clients, we follow a few basic steps first.
  • Review the current website
  • Analyze your business and competition
  • Identify proper architecture for website
  • Create an interface design that works for your demographic and industry
  • Front-end coding for mobile device compatibility
  • Back-end coding for structure of your website
  • Conduct stress tests to find issues prior to launching website
  • Create a long-term strategy

Ultimately at Infinity 8, we want your website to withstand the tests of time. Our internet marketing consultants will view your website once it has been launched to see if you are getting the results you are looking for. We may make some adjustments to help you. It may be necessary to add client logos to your testimonials change the position of your blog or add more photography to your website. With changes taking place here and there, you can be assured you are putting your best foot forward in the marketplace.

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